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Welcome to my Bandit portal. Here, we provide facilities for you to get info on the band-band in Malaysia in terms of the latest news, gigs, events and concerts are held, to catch up with SUPPORTER Bandit and most important to exchange views and increase the contacts. To have yet to enroll in

please register yourself to become an official member of Bandit. you can register yourself on our website is many facilities and advantages to you all if you are an official member of the Bandit.


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ODY Bandit 017-3632103
Bandit is a name known among enthusiasts as servicer orgenaizer or music or indie band in Malaysia. but in fact what is more than that. Bandit is the name that will help the artists and lovers of music to create what they want in the music industry in Malaysia.
Bandit is a group formed to support each problem or case involving the music. Where is the formation of the main objectives is to support the music industry. Early establishment of a formal guy on a date in 2005, where founder HELFIASTRI BIN HOSSEN or better known as the Bandit ody. He was bored with the development of local music as there is no diversity, from there he was creating a Bandit to fight local music to be more attractive and competitive
Armed with little experience he continues to fight regardless of what the perception of others in order to restore the prestige of the local music that is not lost on the ground following the entry of music from outside that there is no limit
Bandit is now officially registered as a company on December 9, 2008 and has become a pride to the country music fans and the Bandit community officially became a product of art network Bandit
Bandit ART network



The company is owned by the founder of a self Ody Bandit. Bandit is now already have their own website


Bandit crew is the backbone behind all the activities done by Bandit ART NETWORK. They will assist in all aspects, such as promotions, advertising management activities, and sebagainya.kekuatan Bandit came all the particular, supporters of local music. So let us work together and to support local music.